About Whimsy Whippets

Whimsy Whippets is a small hobby kennel northeast of Seattle. I have bred, shown, course, and raced Whippets since 1980. While I am no longer breeding, I have always believed only in breeding my best and am proud of all the Whimsy whippets who have done so well through the years: in the ring, in the field, and on their owners' couches. I am always pleased to introduce new owners to the fun of showing, coursing, racing, or just being involved with other Whippet people, especially in club work.

I am a charter member of the Western Washington Whippet Association and a long-time member of the American Whippet Club. For many years I did the breeder referrals for the entire country for AWC, and I still do breeder referral locally.

This is my passion!

Whimsy is a dream, a fantasy, a flight of the imagination...