About Whimsy Whippets

Whimsy Whippets is a small breeding/exhibiting kennel northeast of Seattle. I have bred, shown and coursed Whippets since 1980. I believe only in breeding my best and although I breed for myself, occasionally have excellent quality Whippets available for companions. Several of my Whippets have started out as single companions, only to start first-time owners on the road to a Whippet addiction. I am always pleased to introduce new owners to the fun of showing, coursing or just being involved with other Whippet people, especially in club work.

I am a charter member of the Western Washington Whippet Association and a long-time member of the American Whippet Club. I do the breeder referrals for the entire country for AWC.

I breed a litter about every 2 yrs. and, after I have chosen those individuals that will take the Whimsy prefix into the show ring, have available companions. Our puppies are sold to qualified homes on a limited registration as companions for the family. We are interested in our pups having a full life as a family member with the opportunity to reach their potential in any and all fields of endeavor for this breed. But first they are pets! We place all puppies with the understanding they will be returned to us if the family cannot keep them... for any reason, for life!

I believe that individuals to be bred have proven themselves worthy of reproduction and will carry on my efforts to produce Whippets sound in body and mind ~ that their health will allow them to enjoy life well into old age and they will be, first and foremost, cherished members of someone's family. We enjoy the competition of the show ring and will help any interested person into training and conditioning their Whippet into a competitive show dog.

This is my passion!

Whimsy is a dream, a fantasy, a flight of the imagination...